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A Trifecta Of Values

We Unreservedly Believe In:

  • icon imageEco-friendliness
  • icon imageUsing natural ingredients
  • icon imageResearch and Development

All brought together by
a fervent belief in empathy,
that we do what we do, for you.


La Soie Was Born

Our founder, Dr Garbeen Yim, was fascinated with the endless possibilities of what silk can do for skin. Through endless pages of research, he became convinced of silk’s brilliance and potential in skincare.

The problem? It was a Herculean task to extract the key molecule of silk – Fibroin. Without doing so, silk-branded skincare would be only that in name, not in efficacy.

The journey ahead was going to be choke-full of difficulties, but Dr Yim’s vision was clear.

“My passion lies in unlocking the secrets of nature.”

Through a staggering amount of investment – both money and time – he managed to finally craft a sensational proprietary technology that allows the cleanest and most wholesome extraction of Fibroin. What began as an interest morphed into a full-fledged obsession. But it all paid off.

La Soie

A brand founded in 2007 that believes in the sensational power of silk for the human skin,
La Soie (“La-Swa”) reads “The Silk” in French.

When you buy a La Soie moisturizer or serum, you are not simply buying a bottle of emulsified gel. You are buying years of passion, dedication, and unnerving obsession for perfection. You are buying honesty and integrity – all in a bottle.