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Hydra Revitalizing Toner


A quality toner is not simply a superfluous step in a skincare regime. It is absolutely necessary for preparing skin to be receptive to the nourishing ingredients of moisturizers and serums.

Using our Hydra Revitalizing Toner ensures that your skin will be fully primed to absorb the ingredients from subsequent steps.

  • Removes any final traces of dirt, make-up, and impurities which would reduce the efficacy of creams and serums in later steps
  • Tightens pores to reduce penetration of impurities and contaminants, improving skin’s resilience and health
  • Harnesses the power of Silk Crystal®

  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Promotes a balanced and radiant complexion
  • Mild, sulfate-free formula does not sting eyes

Gentle enough for all skin types

Use day & night
  1. Cleanse face
  2. Apply toner to your entire face and neck

50ml/1.76 FL.OZ