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Intensive Restore Solution (IRS)


The importance of a quality serum in skincare cannot be understated. Most people shy away from using one because of a misconception that it feels too oily and may clog pores. The problem with solely using moisturizers is that they are largely unable to enter the deeper layers of skin.

Our Intensive Restore Solution contains potent molecules smaller than that found in a moisturizer, thus allowing the solution to reach beyond the epidermis.

On top of that, it also delivers a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients, including Silk Crystal®, into skin. Our signature solution comes jam-packed with so much potent and powerful ingredients that we have designed a bottle that preserves its freshness and efficacy.

  • Contains a highly concentrated amount of Silk Crystal®, collagen, and nourishing ingredients
  • Brightens skin
  • Moisturizers and smoothens skin
  • Keeps fresh until use through sophisticated delivery system
  • Reverses and prevent wrinkles and acne

Gentle enough for all skin types

Use as many times as possible
1. Mix together before use
  • Press down the top button of the bottle to the end, pat the side of cap lightly to allow remaining powder to drop, then shake for 10 seconds until powder is dissolved completely.
  • Replace powder cap with dropper on bottle and close firmly.
  • Store in refrigerator after opening

2. Cleanse face & neck, pat dry.

3. Put 6-7 drops (0.5ml) on the palm of your hand & apply all over face & neck. Avoid eyes.

4. Gently massage into targeted skin area. You may feel a tingling sensation - this indicates that the product is reacting with the skin surface & proper absorption is taking place.

5. Follow with moisturizer. 

Each bottle should be used within 7 days.

10ml/0.35 FL.OZ * 4 bottles


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